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Good morning ☔️

April 15, 2014

Anonymous asked: Omg thirst trapping so late giving me heart attacks babe


April 13, 2014

Anonymous asked: Your eyes are amazing like I can't even figure out what color they are

ha they’re hazel basically

April 13, 2014


Anonymous asked: Your body and those eyes gosh wipes away drool you be teasing though like no I want to see the whole enchilada

LOL stop no

April 13, 2014

Anonymous asked: Is it possible to be in love with you and not even knowing you?

haha if that’s how you feel then I guess it’s possible

April 13, 2014

Anonymous asked: I'm guessing that's a no I was just asking because you used to say guys only want your ass so would you care if a guy wanted to wait like till it was exclusive

I actually wouldn’t mind but in not about wasting my time

April 13, 2014
How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.
- (via im-simply-me)

(via mydemisee)

April 13, 2014

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